Blind's Beta Cup - a Natural Selection 2 Tournament

Congratulations to Archaea!

After finishing the first day with more or less flawless victories for the favorites, day 2 started with some upsets right from the start - all the favorites losing a game to their opponents in Round 5. But Archaea was already set up for the finals, it only came down to who would fight them.

It was a tense race between Exertus and Duplex for the second finals slot, up to a tie breaker game which has been won by Duplex. In the finals match, as a best of 5, Archaea started with a solid 2-0 lead, but then losing the 3rd game to a convincing alien play by Duplex, especially with Light's performance as onos. But in the end it wasn't enough, Archaea showing Duplex how it feels to get base rushed and ending the cup on game 4 - with Airos' help not beaconing in time.

This means Archaea wins the tournament price - 2 NS2 copies. Also gratulations to the stream viewer Keagon for winning the other NS2 giveaway copy (check your twitch inbox!)

Watch the matches!

You can watch all the recorded matches under the video section. Some really amazing games I personally enjoyed the most:

The fully recorded Livestream can be found on, under the tab "Videos". To be more specific:

General information about the tournament

The tournament was scheduled as a 2-day-event with Day 1 having the round robin matches from Round 1 to 4 and Day 2 having the last Round 5 plus the finals. It took place on 29th and 30th September 2012 and was livestreamed on, with about 400 viewers at peak.

The tournament mode was round robin with 6 teams (= 5 rounds), each round having 3 matches at the same time with 2 games each. Played maps were ns2_veil, ns2_summit and ns2_tram. The two highest scored teams after the round robin matchups were put to a Best Of 5 Finals.

Final words

Overall, we have had some great matches and I like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart: